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Richard Johnson is a Father of two sons, Destoni & Shadoe. He is also an entrepreneur, web design/developer, Founder of Justice For Fathers and Nonprofit Cause Foundation Inc. Richard’s past businesses include Restaurants, Real Estate , Mortgage, Insurance, Stock Brokerage, and trucking. With over twenty (20) years ofexperience under his belt, Richard is capable of delivering a successful approach to your needs.

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The Truck

My History With The Web

Without giving up too much about my age, I will say that I got into the internet back in the early 1990’s. Around that time, I purchased my first domain name, which I still own today. I was always a computer and electronics geek. From Commodore 64, IBM IOS, DOS to early Windows, I fiddled around with it.

As budding entrepreneur, I found out early the meaning of marketing and branding as it relates to the internet. One day we should have a conversation about this and how it relates to your business today.


Justice For Fathers

Back in 2010, I got divorced from the Mother of my two sons, Destoni & Shadoe. That event left me in a world of the unknown. Without any resource or place to turn to, the internet became my source of inspiration. Speaking with other Fathers from across the globe lead to the formation of “The Justice For Fathers Movement“.

Over the years, we’ve grown into what has become a residence for inspiration to many families. Our goal is to spread the word about importance of Fathers and Fatherhood while defeating Parental Alienation Syndrome, a form of Child Abuse. Say “No To a Fatherless Society”. “Kids Need Their Fathers Too”!

Catering & Events

Nonprofit Cause Foundation

Nonprofit Cause Foundation Inc. is a platform to “Fundraise For Good”. We are also a Nonprofit Incubator and Fiscal Sponsoring Organization.